Saturday, January 24, 2015

31 Oils in 31 Days Series - Day 24 White Fir

White Fir: abies concolor, is a fir native to the mountains of western North America, occurring at elevations 2,952–11,154 ft.  the oldest white firs may reach 350 years old.  Derived from concolor fir, White Fir essential oil is steam distilled from the needles.  Why is it that so many people choose white fir for their Christmas tree?  White fir has been used throughout history to support respiratory health and reduce occasional muscle discomfort.

Because it smells amazing!  White fir creates a feeling of grounding and empowerment and allows the body to relax.

I stopped buying real Christmas trees years ago and have missed the distinctive smell of this conifer.  Now that I have doTerra's White Fir essential oil, I am able to diffuse the oils throughout my house. 

In addition to its fabulous smell, it has many uses:

·         Energizing
·         Furniture Polish
·         Muscle Discomfort
·         Natural Cleaning Option
·         Overexercised Muscles

White Fir essential oil can be used aromatically with 4-5 drops diffused in a room.  It can also be applied topically.  Dilute 1:1 or those with sensitive skin and children.  You can apply directly on the area of concern or reflex points. 

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  1. White Fir has an amazingly fresh and invigorating aroma. I love it!