Friday, December 12, 2014

Beautiful Essential Oil Display Racks--Get One For FREE!

Looking for a beautiful way to store your essential oils? Brenda on our team has recently started making essential oil display racks that are not only gorgeous, but super helpful to keep your essential oils readily available and organized.

Brenda can customize any order to your needs whether you want one for 3 bottles, 24 bottles, 36 bottles, etc. You can pick a natural wood look, stained look, gloss name it!  Check out her business Facebook Page here.

And it gets even better. We have updated our December specials for new enrollments to help YOU get a handcrafted essential oil display rack absolutely FREE! Check out our incredible free gifts on our monthly specials page. 

All of the free gifts (diffuser, book, essential oil display rack,  large Frankincense essential oil, etc.) make fabulous gifts for your loved one...or yourself! Enroll today!

doTERRA Oregano Essential Oil

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used oregano as a cleansing agent as well as for digestive and respiratory support. High in antioxidant activity, oregano contains phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Check out this video showing the effectiveness of oregano essential oil vs. Amoxicillin!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Health & Wellness Facebook Event!

Winter Health & Wellness Facebook Event!

Keep your immune system vibrant and strong this holiday season! Learn how to incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into your daily life to stay healthy and happy. We'll discuss rest and stress management techniques, essential oils for mood management, how to use these oils for your holiday baking and cooking needs and much more. Join us here for a fun and interactive event!

This event will be this Wednesday, December 10th from 12:00-1:30pm MST.

 If you click "Join" you can follow along and check out the information when best for you!

P.S. Don't forget to check out our December Specials to get your hands on a FREE Diffuser, Large Frankincense, Deep Blue Rub, Essential Oil Book & More!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Your Life. Your Health. Be Empowered!

Our team's monthly specials are extremely generous and make it affordable for new enrollments to get started with essential oils and have everything they need to get started. 

Yet...I think our team's support and focus on education with essential oils, safety, health ailment protocols, etc. is truly the best part. We want YOU to know how to use essential oils and be fully supported! We have a private team Facebook group for Wellness Advocates on our team, private team website with amazing training and resources, readily available to always answer questions by phone or email and so much more. 

We'd love to have YOU join our awesome team today!

December Specials @

Enroll @

Questions? Reach us by phone/text at 435-200-3358 or by email at Or fill out our form here so we can best answer your questions and support you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sourcing doTERRA Vetiver with Co-Impact Sourcing Practices

In sourcing doTERRA Vetiver, the profound impact of co-impact sourcing and fostering self-reliance is abundantly clear. 

doTERRA has partnered with Haitians who have formed a Vetiver growing cooperative. See first-hand what a difference it makes in creating a sustainable source of income and a better life in this impoverished nation.

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Is The BEST Month of The Year!


When you enroll through us with a 100 Product Value (PV) enrollment order in December, you will receive for FREE:

- Essential Oil Diffuser
-Deep Blue rub sample
-Welcome Package--A total of $100 in Savings and Free Products! 
An example of 100 PV enrollment order is the Family Physician Kit OR Cleanse & Restore Kit

Enroll with a $200 Product Value enrollment/wholesale account order: 

For those that spend $200 in Product Value and enroll with a qualifying order or Home Essentials Kit (which now includes the brand new Petal Diffuser and Large Frankincense oil!), your savings will be even higher as you will get for FREE: 

- Essential Oil Diffuser
- 5 Deep Blue Rub Samples
-6th Edition Modern Essentials Spiral Book (a must have essential oil book!)
-FREE Large Frankincense--Once a year deal! ($70 Value)
-Welcome package--$200 in Savings and Free products! This means you will get a total of two diffusers and two large Frankincense oils with this enrollment kit!

In the month of December, you will automatically receive a FREE Frankincense with ANY 200 PV order or higher! "When in doubt, use Frankincense!" As one of the most sought after oils by modern consumers, this ancient oil is used for relaxation, immune support and mood enhancement. 


Enroll with a $400 Product Value enrollment/wholesale account order:

For an enrollment order with $400 in Product Value, you will receive for FREE:

-Modern Essentials 6th Edition Hardcover book
-Petal doTERRA Diffuser 
--FREE Large Frankincense ($70 Value!)
-10 pack of Deep Blue rub samples AND welcome package--$450 in FREE products and savings!

These are incredible savings and everything you need to get started with essential oils PLUS you receive two high quality doTERRA essential oil diffusers and two Frankincense oils!

A popular option is the Natural Solutions Kit. With a purchase of this enrollment kit, you start earning more back immediately through the optional Loyalty Rewards Fast Track ProgramYou will also receive two diffusers with this enrollment kit!

Want to save even more? Check out the larger kits for maximum savings.

When you enroll with a wholesale/wellness advocate account, you will also get:

-Customized handouts on essential oils and specific health ailments
-Access to our private Facebook Group that offers endless support with health questions, business info, etc.
-A great community providing awesome support and our exclusive online team training website-$500 Value.

Even better, when you get started with doTERRA with one of these enrollment kits, you get your wholesale account for free-- which gives you more than 25% off all retail prices and the $35 fee is waived! Please note that you do not have to buy monthly or participate in the business opportunity with a wholesale/wellness advocate account. You can simply enjoy the benefit of lower prices :)

To get started and ensure you receive these FREE gifts, be sure to order here by  clicking "Join" in the upper right corner and then selecting "Join as a new Wellness Advocate." To get these specials, be sure to use # 303320 as the Enroller and Sponsor.

Have questions? We are always here to help! You can reach us at

We are happy to chat with you over the phone as well. You can reach us by phone or text at 435-200-3358.

Once you are enrolled, please be sure to send us an email so we can mail out your free gifts to you and ensure you get the support you want!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter Holiday Diffuser Blend!

Winter Holiday Diffuser Blend!

4 drops Wild Orange
3 drops Cassia
2 drops White Fir
2 drops Juniper Berry
1 drop Wintergreen
1 drop Clove

Add to your diffuser with 70 ml of water. Happy Holidays!