Monday, October 20, 2014

Jump into Health with Essential Oils!

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Join us for our Facebook event this Thursday evening from 5-7 pm MDT.

The fun event will include:

-Benefits and uses of essential oils

-Some of our favorite essential oils and essential oil blends

-Yummy, healthy recipes

-Ways essential oils can help with specific health ailments

-Be available for YOU to ask questions

-How essential oils can save you money!

-Why doTERRA?

-Fun and supportive interaction from our team!

-How to be the healer in your own home

-AWESOME Giveaways


The posts will be numbered to make it easier to follow along and interact with us.
We can't wait to have you join us!  Join us here.

Sourcing doTERRA Peppermint

dōTERRA Peppermint essential oil is a smooth, sweet oil that is high in menthol content. Without question it is among the most popular and recognized of all dōTERRA products.

Watch this video and learn what goes into the first few steps of meeting dōTERRA's quality standard--from the process of planting and sourcing the raw materials to the gratitude growers feel from the fruits of their labor.

Friday, October 17, 2014

doTERRA New Product Review: Veráge Skin Care Collection

doTERRA New Product Review:

You are going to love this new line of skin care products from doTerra! The company spent more than two years developing this exclusive system in order to find and deliver the most natural, effective ingredients available.

The Veráge Skin Care Collection nourishes and hydrates your skin, reducing the visible signs of aging. Here’s how this is accomplished: doTerra uses the most advanced plant technology to promote an optimal lipid balance—the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin. Each product is composed of true gifts from the Earth: nourishing plant extracts, pure and potent therapeutic essential oils, emollients, and select natural ingredients. As always, doTerra employs the highest quality standards in the industry. This translates into powerful results you can see and feel!


I love to start my day with this invigorating facial cleanser. It not only feels great on my skin, it smells fresh and wonderful.  I can be a little groggy first thing in the morning, and this cleanser energized my senses and woke me up in a gentle way, followed by a cool splash of water.

Infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils of Wild Orange, Melaleuca and Basil, this natural gel formula cleanses and invigorates skin while nourishing and hydrating with emollients like coconut and olive oil. You can feel the Cleanser gently lifting out dirt and makeup, reaching deep into your pores to purify your skin. Trans-epidermal water loss is reduced by macromolecules of amino acids, lipids, and fructose which also provide healthy skin nutrients.

My skin felt clean, soft, and nourished after using Veráge Cleanser.

Veráge TONER

The second step to beautiful skin is Toner, and this one feels very hydrating and refreshing. It combines fabulous doTerra essential oils like Ylang Ylang and Cypress with aloe vera, witch hazel, and nourishing plant extracts to smooth, lighten and tone your skin anytime, anywhere.

Veráge Toner refines and tightens your pores to improve texture and clarity when used on a daily basis. It prepares your skin for the rich emollients and nutrients found in Veráge Hydrating Serum and Moisturizer. Looking for a fresher, more dewy complexion? This Toner delivers.


Perfect for all skin types, Veráge Moisturizer combines certified therapeutic-grade essential oils of Jasmine, Geranium, Sea Buckthorn Berry, and Juniper Berry with plant extracts for deep hydration and skin nourishment. Using advanced plant technology, this light, non-greasy moisturizer absorbs quickly but hydrates deeply with rich shea butter, vitamin E, rice bran oil, and emollients.

Veráge Moisturizer promotes an ideal moisture balance in the skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a bright, even complexion. I found this moisturizer to be light, non-greasy, and nourishing. My skin soaked it up and felt smooth to the touch.


doTerra saved the best for last! I can’t say enough glowing words about this amazing Hydrating Serum which is the fourth and final step in this daily skin regime. It’s a powerful formula that combines certified therapeutic grade essential oils with specialized plant technology to promote more youthful looking skin, and I LOVE the way it feels on my skin.

That’s because doTerra’s scientists worked hard to find a hydrating serum that mimics the skin’s surface lipids at peak health and youthfulness. Some of you already know the amazing effects of Frankincense on your skin. Well, add Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum, and rare Rose oil and you have something very special that promotes skin elasticity and firmness. This doTerra serum has been proven to improve the recovery of the skin barrier function, especially in mature or sun-damaged skin.

The Immortelle Hydrating Serum feels SOFT and LUSCIOUS on my skin and I am already totally addicted to using it morning and night!  My family and friends have already noticed a difference.


If you were to buy all four skin care products separately, it would cost you over $186.00. But doTerra wants you to try all four at once and discover the amazing benefits. 

Therefore, the ENTIRE 4-step collection is being offered at $84.50 wholesale.  That’s LESS than just ONE Immortelle Hydrating Serum sells for retail!

Here’s to your health and beauty!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Using Essential Oils for Emotional Health

Emotions play a significant role in our overall health and essential oils can provide tremendous benefits in helping us create emotional stability. In this video, Dr. David K. Hill discusses how essential oils can be used to help our emotional health. To learn more about mood management with essential oils, check out our post here.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sourcing dōTERRA Arborvitae Essential Oil Video

I'm in love with the new Arborvitate essential oil and since I'm an essential oil geek, I've been researching it.  Turns out, it is amazing for treating eczema! Arborvitae is also great for other skin conditions, candida, boosting the immune system and so much more.

Giant Arborvitae is also known as "The Tree of Life". The essential oil distilled from its woody fibers is sustainably sourced, and very high in esters. The oil plays a key role in giving the Giant Arborvitae repellent properties and has an unforgettably fresh, invigorating aroma. It is truly a gift from the earth.

Friday, October 3, 2014

My Daily doTERRA Routine is POWERFUL!

Experts say it takes two weeks to establish a new habit or routine—to really make it second nature. Establishing that routine with my doTERRA essential oils and other products has made a HUGE difference in how I feel day to day.

Follow Mara, on our team, through a typical day and see if you agree just how good a “habit” can be!


After splashing my face with cold water (hello! wake up!), I wash it with doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss cleansing bar soap. Just that sweet citrus smell is enough to put a smile on my face.

Then, because I tend toward dry skin, I put either some olive oil or coconut oil on the palm of my hand and sprinkle 2-3 drops of Frankincense in it and gently rub this blend all over my face and neck. Frankincense is a known skin beautifier, used since ancient times, and I love putting the bottle right under my nose because it smells OUT OF THIS WORLD. If I have a bottle of Immortelle instead, which contains Frankincense; I roll it all over my face. (Some days I use Lavender which is also great for moisturizing the skin.)

Lately I’ve been oiling up my feet as well, since they get very dry this time of year. Plus, I spend time working out at the gym so I blend in a few drops of Melaleuca essential oil, which is anti-fungal, just in case. Melaleuca is powerful stuff and I always keep some around the house.

Okay, off to the kitchen for a big glass of water with 4-5 drops Lemon or Lime oil sprinkled in. This is a great way to start the day before eating anything. It will flush your system and detoxify your liver, kidney and bowels. My new favorite essential oil in the morning is Grapefruit. Wow, love that fresh, vibrant smell first thing in the morning.

(Whenever drinking these citrus oils be sure to drink with a stainless steel straw as they are strong oils and you want to protect your teeth.)

After brushing my teeth, I always gargle with some drops of On Guard, a natural antibacterial, in glass of water. All natural and you will never have to buy mouthwash again!


Recently, I started using the Lifelong Vitality Pack of vitamins, minerals, essential omega-3s, and other potent nutrients on a daily basis (ingesting some with breakfast, some with lunch) and couldn’t believe the boost in energy and well-being after about a week on them. Try them and see for yourself!
Before starting on my computer work, I put Balance blend on my wrists and throat to ground me and get me focused. It smells so earthy and wonderful that I leave it on my desk to smell throughout the day.

Peppermint works in much the same way. If I feel drowsy and want to be more alert, I smell it and dab it on my wrists or in the palm of my hand. Instant wake-up!

And if my lunch should disagree with me, I have my DigestZen handy for any tummy ache or indigestion. I have a sensitive stomach so don’t go anywhere without this oil (Peppermint also works great). I rub several drops of oil right on my tummy. Often that's all it takes, and I’m amazed how fast the indigestion goes away. If more is needed, I put 4-5 drops of DigestZen in a gel cap and swallow it with water. Works every time and I stopped buying Pepto-Bismol and other commercial stuff a long time ago.


I brush my teeth with all-natural On Guard toothpaste, followed by a short gargle of On Guard essential oil sprinkled in water. If I have a sore throat or cold coming on I put 5-6 drops of On Guard in a gel cap and swallow with water. Very effective!

Ah, bedtime. One of my favorite times of the day! Especially since this is when I use my doTERRA Serenity special blend. First I put it up to my nose to smell its heavenly scent, then rub it on the back of my neck and bottoms of my feet. Within minutes I’m out like a light. Middle of the night wake-ups? These used to be common for me but not so much anymore. If so, I just smell my SERENITY again and off I go to dreamland. .

In sum, my doTERRA “habit” has turned into a wonderful daily routine that confers a sense of health and well-being that I can’t live without!

To order any of these great oils or products, click here

Here’s to your health!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Specials



When you enroll through us with a 100 Product Value (PV) enrollment order in October, you will receive a FREE Large Wild Orange Essential Oil AND a FREE BRAND NEW Just Released 6th Edition Modern Essentials mini book (a must have essential oil book)! 

An example of 100 PV enrollment order is the Family Physician Kit OR Cleanse & Restore Kit

Enroll with a $225 Product Value enrollment/wholesale account order: 

For those that spend $225 in Product Value and enroll with a Home Essentials Kit (which now includes the brand new Petal Diffuser and Large Frankincense oil!) , your savings will be even higher as you will get a FREE Large Wild Orange AND Cassia Essential Oils, a handmade therapeutic grade essential oil soap perfect for Fall AND 6th Edition Modern Essentials mini Book.

Wild Orange and Cassia essential oils smell amazing together. I diffuse them together daily this time of year. Plus these two oils purify and naturally disinfect the air.


Enroll with a $400 Product Value enrollment/wholesale account order:

For an enrollment order with $400 in Product Value, you will receive a FREE Modern Essentials 6th Edition Hardcover book, FREE Lotus Diffuser ($120 Value on its own!),  a handmade therapeutic grade essential oil soap perfect for Fall, AND FREE Wild Orange and Cassia Essential Oils. 

A popular option is the Natural Solutions Kit. With a purchase of this enrollment kit, you start earning more back immediately through the optional Loyalty Rewards Fast Track Program. Additionally, with this kit, you will receive two high quality essential oil diffusers! Huge Savings!

And it gets better...You can also get FREE Life Long Vitality Supplements in November!

Enroll in Life with doTERRA'S #1 Product. I take these supplements daily and my health has never been better. Learn about the amazing ingredients in the LLV supplements here.

When you enroll with a wholesale/wellness advocate account, you will also get:

-Customized handouts on essential oils and specific health ailments
-Access to our private Facebook Group that offers endless support with health questions, business info, etc.
-A great community providing awesome support and our exclusive online team training website-$500 Value.

Even better, when you get started with doTERRA with one of these enrollment kits, you get your wholesale account for free-- which gives you more than 25% off all retail prices and the $35 fee is waived! Please note that you do not have to buy monthly or participate in the business opportunity with a wholesale/wellness advocate account. You can simply enjoy the benefit of lower prices :)

To get started and ensure you receive these FREE gifts, be sure to order here by  clicking "Join" in the upper right corner and then selecting "Join as a new Wellness Advocate." To get these specials, be sure to use # 303320 as the Enroller and Sponsor.

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Once you are enrolled, please be sure to send us an email so we can mail out your free gifts to you and ensure you get the support you want!