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Laura has been involved in the art and science of promoting good health for over 10 years. She is the author of the popular health blog, Laura's Gluten-Free Pantry, bringing health and nutrition advice to readers every day, including those with celiac disease.
As a mother of two young kids, Laura strives to feed her family healthy food without sacrificing flavor or taste. She discovered her passion for gluten-free and paleo cooking after her French husband was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Laura's interest in essential oils started when she was young and she is passionate about the power of essential oils to bring about positive and often immediate results for your health and well being. She loves supporting her team around the globe and is passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

Jaime is a life-long health enthusiast with a passion for helping people achieve optimum health.  She started her business, Radiant Body Restful Mind over 16 years ago helping people through massage and within the last three years as a Colon Therapist and the last year as a Certified Nutrition Coach. 

She is a warrior Mom of two beautiful girls. She currently writes a blog named after her daughter at  Her blog  focuses on Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Egg free recipes.  She has contributed articles to an Australian health web site on special diets for kids.  

She incorporates essential oils into every aspect of her life and loves sharing and educating people of all the wonderful benefits they provide.  She previously enjoyed teaching yoga and kick boxing when more time permitted.  She loves being a Mom and taking care of her family and also enjoys reading and learning about all aspects of health, creating and enjoying new recipes, yoga, dancing, music, nature, and is a huge animal lover.

Brenda has had a passion for natural health since she was in college.  Since childhood however, she has embraced the natural world enthusiastically and has always believed in the power of plants.  In her early years, living on 40 acres in rural Michigan, she brewed wintergreen tea and made plantain bandages for her dolls and could identify most of the plants around her by the time she was 8.  Her parents taught her to tread lightly and always respect the natural world for its ability to nurture.

Brenda holds an M.Ed in special education and is currently an instructor for the teacher education program at Jordan Applied Technology Program.  She has been using essential oils in the classroom and experimenting with essential oils on a daily basis.  Being a life long learner, she is interested in continuing to research the effectiveness of oils in the classroom and work place as well as teach others about the amazing benefits on essential oils.

Brenda lives in Park City, UT with her husband, 2 amazing children, and 2 dogs.  She enjoys family time, making furniture, woodworking, camping, running, guitar, backpacking, meditation, and teaching.

Mara has believed in the power of plants her entire life. She started her first flower garden as a child and later added herbs. Plants bring beauty and peace into our lives, she passionately affirms. Before discovering our company she already used essential oils, but that has now accelerated due to the superior quality of these oils. From lime and lemon water for cleansing first thing in the morning to frankincense for radiant skin to wild orange and lavender to bring blissful sleep, these essential oils is now an essential part of her everyday life.

Mara has been a yoga instructor and massage therapist for over 12 years and writes articles on health and the environment for national publications. She hopes you’ll join her fabulous team and benefit from all the amazing qualities of pure essential oils!

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