Wednesday, July 17, 2013

doTerra Essential Oils for Dogs, Part 1

Essential oils are not just for us, but fantastic for pets too!

I know many friends who use Lavender oil and Calming Blend to help their dogs calm down during trips to the veterinarian, thunderstorms, fireworks and to help them sleep.

Dogs respond incredibly well to essential oils. The essential oils work fast and get into the bloodstream within 20 seconds of being applied.

As with all high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, only a small amount of oil is needed to be effective. Since dogs vary greatly in size and sensitivity, use tiny amounts of essential oil for dogs with sensitive skin as well as on puppies. The essential oils can be diluted with coconut oil.

When applying essential oils on dogs, avoid getting the oils in the eyes. If a small amount of oil does go into the eye, flush with milk as needed. Apply the oils between the toes and on the pad of the foot when doing foot applications. The essential oils can be diffused aromatically to improve a dog's mood, purify the air and open the airways. Topically the oils can be massaged onto the dog and taken internally. As always, please consult with your veterinarian first.

Essential Oil Favorites for Dogs:

Massage Blend: Circulatory Support, Overworked Muscles

Grounding Blend: Promotes Relaxation and Supports Healthy Joints (Add in Soothing Blend and Lemongrass)

Respiratory Blend: Supports Healthy Breathing

Digestive Blend: Supports a Healthy Digestive System

Frankincense: Promotes Relaxation, Helps Promote Healthy, New Cells in the Body, Supports Healthy Skin and Tissue

Helichrysum: Supports a Healthy Liver and Nervous System

Anti-Aging Blend: Supports Skin and Tissue Health, Calms the Nervous System

Lavender: Calms the Nervous System

Lemon:  Promotes Relaxation, Electrolyte Balance, Maintains a Healthy Immune Response in the Body, Supports the Lymphatic System, Claw Strength

Melissa: Stress Reducer, Immune Support

Protective Blend:  Immune Support, Supports Oral Health

Oregano: Supports Respiratory Health and Maintains a Healthy Immune Response in the Body

Peppermint: Supports Healthy Breathing, Maintains The Health of the Digestive System

Calming Blend: Stress Reducer

Detoxification Blend: Kidney and Bladder Support, Liver Support

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