Wednesday, January 7, 2015

31 Essential Oils in 31 Days Series: Day 7 Spotlight Wild Orange!

Day 7: Wild Orange!

First let me just say YUM! Wild Orange is truly a favorite for me. Not only does it smell amazing but its uses are endless.

Every time I take a deep breath in of its aroma I am transported back to childhood memories where life was so carefree and full of play. Back when all it took to cheer you up was a cold popsicle on a warm summer day.  For me Wild Orange is this joy bottled up. I can take it with me anywhere and use when needed. The scent is energizing. It has an ability to zap me into a better mood almost instantaneously.

This is one of those oils that you can use just about any way - topically, aromatically as well as digested (as long as it is a high quality, therapeutic grade essential oil marked for dietary use).

Cold-pressed from the orange peel this oil supports healthy immune function.

Wild Orange has so many uses…

Used directly to occasional discomfort in your muscles or with a carrier oil for massages and sensitive skin.

Improve Mood – its uplifting scent can trigger positivity and bring out an energy within that uplifts the spirit and creates a better mood. A lighter mood allows us to handle life’s challenges and stresses more optimistically.  This change in mood through its aromatic scent also leads you to a calming effect allowing for less restless sleep.

It also can work to improve digestion. Adding a drop of Wild Orange to your glass of water or rubbing it onto your abdomen can help boost digestion. You cannot really go wrong with Wild Orange.  

Here are some of the others ways I have brought it into my household:

Use it in the kitchen – add a drop or two to smoothies, frostings, salad dressings and even salsa.  One of my favorite Mexican restaurants had the best salsa. Their secret ingredient was orange juice. I started doing this as well until Wild Orange essential oil came into my life and now just a drop or two if a large batch and it intensifies the fresh flavors. (I will even add it to the store bought kind with some fresh parsley when in a crunch).

In replace of toxic air fresheners not only can you diffuse it but you can also add 5 drops to a glass bottle sprayer and fill with water. Use light mist spray option and lightly mist you mattress or linens.

Drip oil on a cotton ball and put under your car seat to rid your car of stale smells.

Put a drop or two on your new furnace filter before replacing.

As for oil pairing in the diffuser I love Wild Orange with either Clove, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Peppermint and even sometimes a little Rosemary essential oil.

Got to love that Wild Orange Oil!

I would love to hear some of the other ways you have brought Wild Orange into your life.

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