Monday, January 26, 2015

31 Essential Oils in 31 Days Series: Day 26 Spotlight Anti-Aging Blend!

 Day 26--Anti-Aging Blend!

Who doesn’t dream of taking on the beauty and immortality of Cleopatra or the Greek goddesses? Well, now you can aspire to the first, if not the second, with  Anti-Aging Blend.

Designed to nourish, anoint and protect your skin, Anti-Aging Blend is a unique proprietary formula of high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Together they deliver remarkable benefits for maintaining the beauty and health of your skin. I absolutely love the way this product makes my skin look and feel.

What makes this skin formula so special?

Frankincense, revered since ancient times for its beneficial properties 
Helichrysum contains up to 10% diketoes, known for their renewing effects, and up to 30% sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, known as calming agents, as well as 50% esters, an antioxidant.
Rose is known for its excellent hydrating properties, as well as its support of the skin's elasticity
Sandalwood is an astringent.
Lavender promotes tissue renewal. 
Myrrh contributes to balanced hydration and supports tissue repair.

Who should use the Anti-Aginig Blend?

Anyone who desires more youthful and radiant skin. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still be beautiful!  

 Directions for Use: Anti-Aging Blend roller bottle makes it easy to apply to your face and neck and any dry or problem areas like fine lines or age spots. Use after cleansing, prior to any moisturizer.  Dilute with fractionated coconut oil or other pure vegetable oil if your skin is sensitive.

Cautions: Avoid contact with the eyes.

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