Sunday, January 11, 2015

31 Essential Oils in 31 Days Series: Day 11 Spotlight Rosemary!

Day 11-- Rosemary!

Rosemary is one the oils I keep ordering because I use it so frequently.

I really love Rosemary because it is very mild but carries a long line of health benefits.
The soft spoken oil!

Rosemary is also known as Rosemarinus Officinalis. The herb belongs to the mint family. The oil we use is extracted from the leaves of the Rosemary bush.

Rosemary is not a new comer to the oil scene. In fact it has been said to be used in ancient Roman and Egyptian civilizations.

Let’s explore the benefits of Rosemary:

For your hair – The use of Rosemary oil can help your hair grow stronger and longer. Massaging the oil onto your scalp stimulates the hair follicles. (Just a drop or two goes a long way- use with a carrier oil to cover more area).  

For your mind – If you are looking to increase your cognitive function and improve your mood, just the aroma of Rosemary can do the trick.  Diffuse a few drops through your home or rub it in your hands and cup hands to nose and take deep breathes. I think this is a great one to use on your new heater filter sending the mild Rosemary smell through your entire home.

For your body – Rosemary can provide relief to occasional muscle discomfort. My neck and shoulders often feel tight and strained.  Sometimes it might be from exercise but mostly I feel them tighten from the stresses that work and everyday life can bring.  I add a few drops to carrier oil (sometime I just use directly) and rub on my neck and top of back/shoulders (the area I can reach). Not too long after I can start to feel the tension release.  I think it is a combination of the oil relieving the muscle as well as the aroma lifting and calming my mood.

For your kitchen – Rosemary oil just as its herb form counterpart is also used for cooking. Add it to your marinade for your meats or as a seasoning to your sauces. 1 drop goes a very long way! For smaller portions you might consider sticking a toothpick in the oil then stirring the toothpick into the sauce.

My favorite mixes:

                Rosemary and Lime – uplifts the mood in my home

                Rosemary, Peppermint and  Lemon – keeps me going in the office

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