Sunday, April 30, 2017

EPIC Deals Available!

🌟 Get started with doTerra and get the lowest prices for only $35! 🌟

Every month our team offers wonderful promotions to make getting started with doTerra affordable. We have some EPIC deals available.

For more information on getting started with doTerra and our exclusive monthly specials, please call or text Laura at 435-200-3358 or by email at

When you enroll with a wholesale account, you will also get:

-Access to our private Facebook Group that offers endless support with health questions, business info, etc.
-A great community providing awesome support and our exclusive online team training website

Even better, when you get started with an enrollment kit, you get your wholesale account for free-- which gives you more than 25% off all retail prices and the $35 fee is waived!

Please note that you do not have to buy monthly or participate in the business opportunity with a wholesale/wellness advocate account. You can simply enjoy the benefit of lower prices :)

To get started, be sure to enroll HERE.

Simply go to our website: then click "Join and Save",  and "Wholesale Prices" or "Wellness Advocate" and select the enrollment kit option best for you. Wellness Advocate will maximize your wholesale membership.

Have questions? We are always here to help! You can reach us at Or fill out this form HERE.

We are happy to chat with you over the phone as well. You can reach us by phone or text at 435-200-3358. We have a vibrant, supportive team with amazing resources and education-- Join us today!

🌟 Get started with doTerra and get the lowest prices for only $35! 🌟

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