Thursday, January 15, 2015

31 Essential Oils in 31 Days Series: Day 15 Spotlight Roman Chamomile!

Day 15--Roman Chamomile! 

Just reading this oil's name makes me want to crawl up and take a peaceful little nap. Why? Because this is my “Thank Goodness I found you oil!”  which has allowed me to sleep again….at last!!

I have struggled with sleep for awhile now. Is it stress…probably yes.  I am not a fan of non natural options and herbal options just did not seem to do a thing to help. 

Then I was introduced to Roman Chamomile.  Just before bed I rub it on my inner wrists and behind my ears.  Some people apply the oil to the back of their neck and bottom of their feet. I also combine Roman Chamomile with Calming Blend in my diffuser. I then cuddle into my bed and sleep. And I mean sleep through the night. My racing mind does not awaken me at 3 am anymore! And for me that is pure BLISS!!

Roman Chamomile comes from the flowering plant that looks almost identical to a daisy.
You can use it topically, internally (only if high quality, therapeutic grade,) and aromatically.
We are mostly familiar with it as a tea used for its calming effect in Chamomile Tea often before bedtime.

Take a look at these other ways you can use Roman Chamomile:

To cover larger areas, add to carrier oil such as coconut oil. Or put a few drops of the oil in a nice warm bath and soak away.

Knock out an irritable mood by diffusing or rubbing directly to wrists or back of ears. It has a way of being uplifting as well as calming.

Ever been told to take a “chill pill”? This is your chill pill at its finest. Roman Chamomile has the ability to bring clarity into a stressful situation as well as diffuse anger.

We are not the first to discover the benefits of Chamomile. The Romans used it as incense. But that is not where it gets its name. Roman Chamomile was actually named by a 19th century plant collector who founds it growing at the ruins of the coliseum. You can find references to it in Ancient Egyptian times as being dedicated their sun god Ra. They used it for ritual baths and believed it had magical attributes.

I would tend to agree that it is indeed magical. After all I am now sleeping deeply through the night!

My favorite blends with this incredible oil include:

Calming Blend (of course) or Wild Orange when I want to be calm but stay awake !

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