Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting A Better Night's Sleep with Essential Oil Calming Blend!

Sixty million Americans will have a tough time getting a good night’s sleep tonight and women are especially susceptible. Many factors can be involved, from what you eat and drink in the evening to what time you hit the sack (10 PM is best). But experts agree the culprit is often our overloaded, stressful modern lives.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, it’s often our unprocessed or even unconscious thoughts and emotions which keep us tossing and turning. This is why Calming Blend can help you.

Calming Blend is a beautiful blend of essential oils designed to calm your nervous system, slow down your thoughts, and help you fall asleep and stay there. Personally, I use it almost every night. Why? First, it has the most heavenly scent you can imagine. I put it on my fingertips and inhale deeply—mmmm—then rub some drops on the back of my neck and the bottoms of my feet.  Very soon after I’m off to dreamland! Calming Blend puts me to sleep and keeps me there better than anything I’ve ever tried.

Here are the components this fabulous essential oil blend and why it works:

Lavender: Has calming  properties that help lift feelings stress and lack of motivation

Sweet Marjoram: Helps relax the body and mind and promotes a sense of peace.

Roman Chamomile: Helps to relieve muscle discomfort, calm nerves, and soothe emotions.

Ylang Ylang: Possesses calming properties. Brings feelings of peace, self-love, and happiness.

Sandalwood: Helps balance and harmonize the emotions as well as ease nervous tension.

Vanilla Bean Extract: Has a calming aroma and helps soothe disomfort. Just a subtle, delightful hint of it is in this wonderfully fragrant oil blend.

Calming Blend, is of the finest and purest quality. Customers keep buying it because they are so impressed with the quality and effectiveness. If you’re having sleep issues, I strongly suggest you give Calming Blend a try.

Use this wonderful essential oil blend in conjunction with other good sleep habits. Follow a nightly routine that gets you to bed by 10 PM (to take advantage of your natural melatonin cycle); turn off the computer and TV at least an hour before bed to let your brain settle down; and use that hour to stretch, take a bath, or listen to quiet music, winding down your day in a peaceful manner. Here's to a good night sleep for all of us!

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