Friday, July 18, 2014

Essential Oils to Help Bad Habits

Essential Oils To Help Bad Habits
Daily Routine-

Diffuse 4 drops each of Protective Blend and Grapefruit essential oils in an essential oil diffuser morning and afternoon.
Rub Grounding Blend or Ylang Ylang Oil on feet, nightly.

For Cravings-

Black Pepper essential oil and Clove can help fight cravings. Put 1 drop of Black Pepper, 1 drop of Clove and 1 tsp. carrier oil on your wrists and then cup hands and breathe in aromatically.

Inhale Metabolic Blend throughout the day as needed which can help with cravings and supports a healthy metabolism.

To Help Reduce Stress-

Rub Lavender Oil or Grounding Blend on back of neck or rub on feet.
Put a drop of Lavender Oil on pillow before going to bed.
Diffuse Calming Oil Blend in the air or rub Grounding Blend on the bottom of your feet. Since it’s on your hands, cup your hands over your mouth and breathe in deeply.

Additional Support-

Rub Peppermint Oil Blend on back of neck and on temples (avoid eyes).
Diffuse Cleansing Oil Blend in the air (this will get rid of the smoke smell in your home).

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